The Rundown on The Rundown

By October 16, 2007 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

I’ll cover it in depth in the PodJots on Friday, but seeing as how yours truly served as the inaugural guest, I wanted to introduce everyone to a new addition to the PR Podosphere (well, kinda new).

Luke Armour, whom you all know from the Foward Podcast, his blog, and as the new PR guy for BlogTalkRadio, has started a new podcast over at BTR, “The Rundown.”

Each week, Luke will spend 30 minutes with a PR or social media pro to get the rundown (get it?) on their jobs, companies, blogs, anything.

To his utter detriment I’m sure, his first Rundown “victim” this afternoon was…me! I had a great time talking social media with Luke, and of course filling him in on CustomScoop and all of our terrific services. I offended his hockey fan sensibilities with my preference of the Pats and Red Sox over the Bruins, but other than that I think it went pretty well. In particular, I avoided being forced to choose a favorite between the esteemed John Wall and Chris Penn of Marketing Over Coffee. How could I? That’d be like Sophie’s Choice!

So definitely head on over and check out the archives if you’re interested in hearing the first show, and tune in on Tuesdays at 1:30pm ET to hear future editions live. His upcoming guests will no-doubt prove far more interesting than me, next week he features Nettie Hartsock, and the week after, Todd Defren. Tune in!