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Tags are “Awesome”!

By June 5, 2008 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

It was a long, snowy winter here in New Hampshire, which means our Developers were basically snowbound and were able to create some great new enhancements to our ClipIQ product.  One of my favorite new features is the ability to "Tag" a clip.  By adding a Tag or Tags to the news and blog clips that our system aggregates, customers have a simple, yet powerful way to work with thier clips. 

Some of our clients are using it as a rating system.  They are tagging clips as Positive, Slightly Positive, Neutral, Slightly Negative and Negative.  They can then easily retrieve their clips and generate reports off the Tagged clips.  Other clients are using it as a simple way to group similar clips by product or company, or by competition or partner. As with most successful features in a product, the customers are finding new and different ways to use the feature every day.

The exciting thing for our Development team is to see that the users are really using their features, which means their hard work has paid off and is appreciated.  In fact, you could see them beaming with excitement when one of our customers was quoted as saying, "That’s Awesome" after using the Tags.

You know, I might be biased, but I agree with them.  Tags are pretty awesome!

*Note:  This post replaces the original post that had the incorrect author.  I’m the real author.