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Social Media Top Ten – Vacation Edition

By October 15, 2007 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

It’s hard to remember, when one exits their normal life entirely to spend an entire seven days trapped inside a cruise ship with no phone signal or Internet capability (unless I wished to pay a whopping buck a minute in the Internet cafe) (a temptation I succumbed to for 15 whole dollars minutes of frantic email checking on day 5, I admit it), that the world of their normal life keeps chugging along. This is a cliche that everyone uses when they get back from an “unplugged” vacation, but hey, cliches are thus because they’re true, eh?

As it turns out, while I was sipping on umbrella drinks and snorkeling with sting rays, a whole heck of a lot of stuff happened in Social Mediaville (not to be confused with Margaritaville, where I was also hanging out).

So what better excuse for another Social Media Top Ten? Without further ado:

10) Google acquires Jaiku – How will this affect Twitter? My fearless prediction, as stated in this morning’s Jots: it won’t. Twitter is where the party is, and where, I think, the party will stay. What do you think?

9) Ford pulls off a snazzy social media release that left the PR blogosphere buzzing.

8) SMT10 founder Bryan Person calls for “death of resume,” wants a social media resume instead.

7) Tom Foremski claims that traditional PR is running on fumes and just about dead. Flacks worldwide get to work on their social media resumes.

6) Strumpette retires, blogosphere cries havoc and lets slip the blogs of war, confessing things I’d never heard before about Amanda Chapel’s offline activities. Check out Robert French, Geoff Livingston and Eric Eggerston’s posts for interesting discussions on the legacy of the popular, controversial “Ms. Chapel.”

5) Blogstring gets new look! Okay, so it’s shameless self promotion, but I needed one extra addition here, and I happen to dig our new design. Thoughts?

4) Oh, how meta of me. In his SMT10 (well, five really), Doug Haslam lightheartedly mocks the social mediaizing of everything by suggesting a “social media note from your mother.” Actually, the entire post is quite funny, good on Doug for bringing a little humor to these topics.

3) Jeremy Pepper posted a series of great posts from the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago, one of the few rundowns I saw out there; check it out.

2) Blog Action Day – Bloggers worldwide today took part in Blog Action Day, a movement to unite the blogosphere under a single issue. Today’s issue was the environment, did you partake?

1) Global PR Blog WeekConstantin Basturea calls for ideas for Global PR Blog Week 3.0. I have no doubt that this event will bring together some of the smartest PR pros on the web, and I can’t wait to participate.