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Mass Customization is Means Readership Growth for Smaller Pubs

By November 3, 2006 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

Bulldog Reporter has an article today that outlines the findings from a recent study conducted by the Audit Bureau of Circulation. The study finds that while readership of national papers is going down, readership of local papers is up, and they attribute this transition to the fact that readers prefer content that is tailored to their interests and geography.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who’s used the internet to tailor campaigns to each specific recipient. Even just adding the person’s name to an email can have significant impact.

For PR practitioners who measure the results of their efforts, this means that the way we define a “win” will change. We will no longer aim for placement the big names in media (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or whatever it may be for your industry). Instead, rather getting coverage for your business in 20 local papers may just have more impact than that one “big” placement you got framed for the conference room.