Follow up: Second Life strike lame, weird

By September 28, 2007 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

Okay, I’ll chalk it up to my sense of boundless optimism for continuing to try to find a valid reason for businesses to exist in or pay attention to Second Life. When I previously wrote about the scheduled protest against IBM in SL, I thought maybe, just maybe, the protest would be unique enough to generate publicity, thus providing a legitimate reason for businesses to take the space seriously. It did get a considerable amount of ink when it was announced, and I made myself accept that from a PR perspective, this could actually work. I wasn’t the only one.

Like so many things in life, it’s the execution that matters.

Approximately 1850 avatars showed up (and commenters are debating the validity of this figure, just like any protest I guess). Included in the protest were the above-pictured banana and large green triangle. The triangle doesn’t seem to have much of a grievance with IBM, and seems to want attention more than anything else. I don’t see any John 3:16 posters.

IBM has yet to comment on the protest. Shocking, I know.