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Focus on the “Custom” in CustomScoop

By June 12, 2008 August 31st, 2014 No Comments

Over the years people have made some jokes about our name and how they expected us to be selling Ice Cream instead of cutting edge media monitoring service and analysis.  It especially happens when we buy some logo merchandise with our name on it.

Well this year it made me think more about the history of the name and how appropriate it really is, specifically given our increased customization options within our ClipIQ product line.  Let’s face it, the Scoop part comes from getting a "Scoop" on the news.  The Custom part comes from every customer having their own unique needs and the importance for them to get a "Custom" solution. 

For instance, we have always allowed our Customers to download their clips to a spreadsheet.  However, they had to download all the fields into the spreadsheet and then they could delete out the columns they didn’t need.  After a few customers asked if we could let them choose which fields to download, our Development Team went to work and our Customers can now choose one field or all the fields to download.  They now can create their own "Custom" spreadsheet.

We also listened to our Customers when they asked if they can customize the email that they send out through our service to include their logo.  We thought it was a great idea and we implemented it right away.  Our team even took it a step further and created the ability for our Customers to use their own HTML template if they want to.  That’s right, they can have a "Custom" email template to use to send out their clips.

In today’s world where companies are making up names that has absolutely nothing to do with what they do, I’m actually pretty darn proud of the CustomScoop name and would like to take the interpretation a little farther.  The "Custom" is also short for the Customer, for our company really does revolve around the Customer.  We listen to our Customers and develop features for them based on their requests, not just create technology for technology’s sake.  We will always focus on the "Custom" in CustomScoop.