5 Ways to Increase Sales Performance with Media Monitoring

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Sell! Sell! Sell! – Those words were the mantra of Jesse Devitte, my EVP in a previous life. That was back in the day when CRM was in its infancy and if you knew anything about your customer you would use it to get a leg up on the competition.  Well, fast forward 20 years, and things haven’t changed much.  The more you know about your customer, the better your chances are of getting the sale.

That is the background as to why we wrote the White Paper "5 Ways to Increase Sales Performance with Media Monitoring".  Having timely information about customers, prospects, and competitors is a powerful competitive advantage for sales professionals. Having an automated media monitoring solution in place enables sales professionals to focus on using information instead of searching for information. This also keeps the sales person from wasting their time during the Money Hours when they should be selling. 

If you’re in sales and want to see if media monitoring could help give you a reason to call a prospect, stay informed about a customer or have an instant alert as to what your competition is up to, check out our white paper. You can also try out the CustomScoop service and see for yourself by signing up for a no obligation free trial. You didn’t think I’d post this blog post without a sales pitch did you? Jesse trained me better than that…