White Papers

There’s no better time to learn about how other organizations tackle the issues you face. The white papers below are just some of the things we’ve learned being a media monitoring service provider for public relations and marketing professionals around the world. Best of all — they’re free to download.

The Benefits of Monitoring and Measuring Traditional and Social Media Coverage Together

The ever-evolving sphere of social media continues to be a dynamic organism, as new tools are added and others fall out of favor. This presents an interesting challenge to those interested in monitoring and measurement, as shifting sands are difficult surfaces upon which to build foundations of lasting value. Learn More >

Choosing the Right Media Monitoring & Analysis Solution

The explosion of online media coverage in recent years has led to a dizzying array of choices in how to effectively monitor it. Companies and agencies face a series of choices to help determine how to stay on top of the coverage they and their clients are getting. Learn More >

Eight Ways to Maximize Media Monitoring Results

While many public relations and marketing professionals see the value in monitoring the media for mentions of their company, products, personnel or even competitors, many are either overwhelmed by the task or frustrated with the results. This white paper helps those in charge of tracking news coverage get the most out of their efforts. Learn More >

How to Make Crisis Communications More Effective with Media Monitoring

For most PR professionals, its its the most fast-paced aspect of our job — when a crisis hits. This white paper shows you how you can utilize the media monitoring activities you’re already doing to minimize the negative impact (and maybe even get a positive impact) from your next crisis. Learn More >

The Seven Deadly Sins of Pitching to Bloggers

If your organization or client has tasked you with getting coverage in the blogosphere, you may be tempted to apply the same tactics as you do with traditional media. But this strategy could be less than productive. This white paper outlines some common pitfalls to avoid when pitching your story to bloggers. Learn More >

Five Ways to Increase Sales Performance with Media Monitoring

In today’s hyper-competitive world of sales, every sales professional needs a competitive edge. Though often thought of as a public relations tool, media monitoring services can be used to increase sales performance by improving productivity and efficiency. Learn More >