The CustomScoop Media Monitoring Dashboard gives you the flexibility to organize and report on your results in the way that works best for you.

Effective media monitoring calls for more than just looking at headlines and clicking on links. To get the greatest value from your investment, it helps to organize those clips to create meaningful reports.

Using CustomScoop, you can apply ratings, tags, notes, and more to each of your results to help you develop better media intelligence to drive strategic and tactical decisions.

Completely customizable ratings. Many professional monitoring solutions let you rate your clips as Positive, Negative, or Neutral. And you can do that with CustomScoop. But you also have the ability to create 5 or 10 point rating systems if you prefer. Or perhaps you like to code clips with colors, numbers, or words. With CustomScoop, all of that is possible. These ratings help our clients:

  • Compare the sentiment of results about themselves against competitors
  • Track improvement in sentiment of media coverage over time
  • Identify important changes in sentiment — and the cause behind it
  • Improve rapid response capabilities by zeroing in on subsets of results
[/check_list]Flexible tagging. Each result in the CustomScoop dashboard can receive an unlimited number of tags. You can deploy them however you want and then use them to drive reports. Some of the way our clients deploy tags include:

  • Marking results to have them show up on a website using our customized widget tool
  • Assigning follow-up activities to fellow team members
  • Tracking results related to outbound communications activities
  • Organizing results for weekly and monthly reports
  • Distributing subsets of results using our email Custom Report tool
[/check_list]Note storage. Each result can have a note attached to it, giving you lots of flexibility to record additional information for short and long term use. For example, the notes field allows you to:

  • Create custom article summaries to use in Custom Reports
  • Assign specific follow-up activities for team members
  • Record information about actions taken after a result appears
  • Track communications activities that helped generate a result
  • Share information with other team members about a result
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