Share your results with colleagues, customers, and others through customizable email Custom Reports and website widgets.

It is easy to include headlines from your CustomScoop account in an email Report or right on your website or intranet. We can even work with you to customize your Report or widget to match the look and feel of your existing web page so that it integrates seamlessly with your other email or website projects.

Your Custom Report or widget can draw from all the clips in your account or just those that meet certain criteria. You can even set it up so that you approve each clip for display — or you can totally automate it. You have complete control over the content and decide who sees what and when.

Widget Option 1:
Vertical News Widget
Visitors to your web site or intranet can easily click to scroll through the clips included in the Vertical News Widget, allowing them to consume a large volume of social media and traditional media headlines that you want them to know about. This format provides wide access to the stories and posts that you want people to read. Like all of our news widgets, the size is completely customizable so it will fit with your existing web page layout. Similarly, the colors, heading text, and other visual elements can be tailored to correspond to your existing design so it looks like the custom news widget was always there.

Widget Option 2:
Automatic Scrolling Vertical News Widget
In many web site applications, you may want visitors to get a taste of the headlines that matter. In these cases, a widget with automatic scrolling makes sense because it draws the eye to the variety of social and traditional media coverage displayed. Of course, the look and feel is completely customizable, including the heading and size of the box. Readers can even pause the scrolling by clicking on the button at the bottom of the box if they want to take some time to consume the headlines rather than simply watching the headlines scroll by.

Widget Option 3:
Horizontal News Ticker Widget
Give your site a professional news feel with a news ticker that cycles through the important headlines of the day. This layout lets you feature the news prominently without consuming a large vertical expense of valuable screen real estate. It also draws the reader’s attention to one headline at a time, increasing the content focus.
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