Each day, we index millions of pieces of news and social media content across the web to deliver fast, accurate results for our clients. All of our customers enjoy 24/7 access to a personalized media monitoring dashboard and email alerts.

Our CustomScoop API Partners receive direct access to a customized data feed that can be used in a variety of ways by sophisticated users. Our proprietary High Volume Exporter ensures timely access to the search results our API Partners need to power their own applications.

The data feed we provide our API Partners includes headline, byline, source name, source type, URL, matching keywords, and more.

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Online Newsrooms

Our API Partner feeds are easy to work with, making them an ideal tool for powering an “in the news” section of an online media relations site. Since our API integrates with our personalized dashboard, you can use built-in tools to screen clips before they appear automatically on your website.

Media Measurement Providers

Since the earliest days of CustomScoop, we have partnered with media measurement providers to give them access to the data they need to perform sophisticated analysis for their clients. Today, they can join the API Partner program to access a direct data feed into their own tools, saving considerable human effort.

Intranet Applications

Our clients often want to integrate data from CustomScoop with their own internal dashboards and applications. As a CustomScoop API Partner, you have access to the timely data you need to combine our expertise with your own proprietary tools.

Financial Analysis

Stock market and investment professionals leverage CustomScoop’s news and social media monitoring data to track material events and engage in predictive modeling. Our customized information stream can integrate directly with proprietary analytical tools developed by hedge funds, portfolio managers, and others in the financial industry.

Press Release Tracking

We partner with press release distributors and other service providers to provide them with the data they need to share with their clients. As API Partners, they are able to integrate into their own platform our results showing how and where the press release was picked up.