Let our analysts sift through mainstream and social media coverage and deliver just the news that matters most to you in a concise, easy to read format.

The proliferation of news and information sites can mean significant volume on the issues important to you—but who has time to read and sort through all of that coverage? The answer is CustomScoop’s analyst team. We’ll deliver the news you need so you can spend your time acting on it, instead of sifting through it.

Each day you will receive a custom formatted email with headlines and story summaries from the news and social media sites that matter to your organization. Each item will be hand-selected for relevance and summarized in a meaningful way. Better still, the report can be organized in any way you prefer, including:

  • results broken down by topic
  • similar stories grouped together
  • certain types of results highlighted more prominently

Our clients use Daily Executive Briefings for a variety of audiences:

  • internal communications staff
  • organization membership and other key constituencies
  • executive management
  • website content
Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how a Daily Executive News Briefing can help your organization communicate more effectively.