We want you to be a CustomScoop customer because you are happy not because you are trapped by a contract we forced you to sign.

We’re unusual in the news and media monitoring arena because we don’t force our customers to sign long-term agreements. We don’t believe that you should be locked in to a service provider because your contract has you trapped. We want you to remain a CustomScoop customer because you’re happy with our service and you believe is provides excellent value to your organization. We show you our pricing up-front. Unlike many other professional monitoring providers, we publish our prices clearly on our website. This way you know what to expect and understand that we’re not setting a price based on how much it looks like you might be able to pay. You can sign a longer contract if you want. We know that some clients want to lock in pricing for a longer term or may want to pre-pay for service to get a discount or to use year-end budget funding. And that’s OK, too. We work with all of our clients to structure a deal that meets their specific needs.