We put Custom in our name for a reason.

Every account we create for a customer gets special attention to make sure it gets personalized properly for each user. We know that every client is different. The needs of a solo PR pro may not be the same as a marketer in a Fortune 500 company. From the moment you start a free trial with CustomScoop, you’re in the hand of our expert Customer Care Team who will help make sure that you have the right search criteria, reports, and results to get the most from your news and social media monitoring experience.

We help you tailor your search criteria to your needs. Many of our customers feel comfortable with setting up their own keywords in their accounts and our system is easy-to-use, so that works for them. But others want to benefit from the expertise that our Customer Care Team can provide in making subtle adjustments to the search terms to get the best results.

We help you set up automated charts and graphs to do better analysis. We know that seeing the results and clicking on links is just the first step in using a good professional monitoring system. That’s why we help customize specific charts and graphs to help you better visualize your results and make better strategic decisions going forward.

We help you deploy customized newsletters and emails. Distributing the results our system uncovers helps let more people in your organization or other key constituencies know about the news and social media that matters. We can work with you to set these up for manual or automated delivery in virtually any format that you find most useful.

If you don’t see what you want, just ask. Often we already have the ability to meet the wishes of even our most creative customers. If we have the capability to fulfill the request, we’ll do it right away. At the same time, we often get our best feature ideas from our customers, so we might even be able to have our tech team develop the new functionality from scratch just because you took the time to ask!