CustomScoop provides an affordable all-in-one news and social media monitoring solution with no annual contract required.

CustomScoop believes in delivering a superior product and service, not glitzy marketing or high-pressure sales. We have never taken venture capital money, so we haven’t gone out and done lots of advertising or direct mail. We haven’t hired armies of salespeople.

As New Englanders, we believe in providing cost-effective value to our customers. We want them to be happy because our primary form of marketing is positive word-of-mouth. Put simply, we want every customer to be pleased enough with what we provide that they want to tell all their friends about us. And it has worked for more than a decade.

Some of the ways we put this philosophy to work include:

Affordable Pricing. We want to make a profit, but we want to do it in a way that puts our product in the hands of as many people as possible. We provide exceptional service at some of the industry’s lowest prices. In fact, if you find a comparable level of service somewhere else at a lower cost, let us know — we’ll probably match it!

No Annual Contracts Required. We’re unusual in the news and media monitoring arena because we don’t force our customers to sign long-term agreements. We don’t believe that you should be locked in to a service provider because your contract has you trapped. We want you to remain a CustomScoop customer because you’re happy with our service and you believe is provides excellent value to your organization.

Personalized Solutions. Every CustomScoop account gets tailored to the need of the individual user. We provide automated tools as well as professional assistance to ensure that your account does exactly what you need it to. It’s not about one-size-fits-all software that pads our bottom line, it’s about making you more effective and efficient at your job.

Source Coverage Assurance. If you find a public news or social media source that we can search but don’t, we’ll add it for you — usually the same business day! Every monitoring provider misses a story, blog post, or social media update from time-to-time. Perfection is simply impossible to achieve. With many other services, you’re left to wonder and worry. At CustomScoop, you just let us know what clip you missed and we’ll make sure it gets into your account, fix it so it shouldn’t happen again, and provide you with an explanation of what happened. We do this because we know that your results matter.


Hands-On Customer Service. If you’re a CustomScoop customer — or even just someone who experiences a free trial of our service — you know that our Customer Care Team jumps right into the trenches with you to help make sure you get the results you need. From setting up search criteria and keywords to implementing reports or newsletters, we’re right there to help.